Article 1: Name

a) The name of the organization shall be “Baglung Sewa Samaj, Canada”.

Amendment from second AGM

The name of the organization shall be “Baglung Community Services, Canada” in English.

Article 2: Objectives

The objectives of the organizations are as follows:

a)      To establish mutual relation among the people who originally are from Baglung and/or who have attachments to Baglung and to strengthen it.

b)      To be a not-for-profit organization.

c)      To coordinate with existing Nepalese community organizations, and Government and non-governmental organization in Canada to preserve our culture, language and to enhance social, economic and educational promotion.

d)     To provide financial assistance to them who are in need due to natural calamities by raising funds from the members in different places including Baglung district.

e) To provide scholarship to the children of financially impoverished families to support their education in Nepal.

f)      To do all things necessary to the attainment of the above objectives.


Article 3: Organizational Structure

The governing bodies of the organizations shall consist of the following

a)      Annual General members Assembly

b)      Executive committee

c)      Advisory Board


Article 4: Membership

a)      An individual of age of 18 (eighteen) shall be eligible to obtain the membership of the organization.

b)      In addition, membership can be awarded to those interested individuals regardless their origin and attachment.

c)      Each membership shall hold the validity until the next General Members’ Meeting and election is called.

d)     Membership shall be obligated to abide by the bylaws.

e)      Membership types:

Generally two types of memberships shall be awarded based on the membership fee.

i)                    Individual membership fee will be $20.

ii)                  Family membership fee will be $35. This type includes the spouse (husband and wife).

Amendment: The AGM amended the membership fees as given and added a life membership category.

  1. Individual membership fee shall be $15 and family membership shall be $25.
  2. Life membership fee shall be $100.

Article 5: General Members Meeting

a)      Frequency: the general members’ meeting shall be held once in every year.

b)      General Members’ Meeting shall conduct the election for the new executive committee every second year.

c)      Attendance: stated in article 5.b above, 2/3 of the members shall attend the meeting to validate.

d)     The majority of the general members may ask the executive committee for the General Members’ Meeting any time.


Article 6: Executive Committee

The executive committee shall be elected from the Members General Meeting that holds on every two year.

a)      The executive committee of the organization shall consist of not more than 21 (twenty one) members as given:

  1.       President
  2.       Vice-president
  3.       Secretary
  4.       Program coordinator
  5.      Joint secretary
  6.      Treasure
  7.      Joint Tresurer
  8.      Members (up to 19 persons)

b)      All the members in Executive Committee shall be elected from the General Members’ Meeting and shall continue office for two years or until successor has been elected and installed, however, that no term of office be longer than three years and ad-hoc committee will be formed from the general members.

c)      Where a position of executive committee member is vacant, the executive committee shall fulfil the position from the members.

d)     Meetings: the Executive Committee shall meet at a minimum, once in four months or earlier if the committee deems necessary.

e)      The majority of the members of the committee shall constitute quorum.

f)       Duties of Executive Committee

i)                    The executive committee shall be the governing body of the organization.

ii)                  The executive committee shall take actions and render decision to regulate the office.

iii)                Any three of: the president, the treasure, and one other member of the executive committee designated by resolution shall be the signing officers for the organization.

iv)                The executive committee shall form the regulations as per necessity.

v)                  The executive committee shall approve resignation from members of board and shall appoint a new member in the committee.

vi)                As provided in article 5.e above, if the majority of the members appeal for the general membership meeting, the executive committee shall call the general membership meeting.

Article 7: Advisory Board

a)      Executive committee shall appoint advisory board member as per necessity


Article 8: Financial Management

a)      Account holders: the president, treasurer or general secretary of the organization shall authorize all banking transactions.

b)      Treasurer of the organization shall be authorized to keep all financial records and to report in the annual meeting.

c)      The fund of the organization shall not be in use unless it is decided by the majority of the executive committee members for the purpose.

d)     Report of the income and expenditure shall be reported mandatorily at the general meeting of the members by treasure.

e)      Types of fund: the organization shall have two types of fund.

i)                    Regular fund: it denotes the fund collected from memberships and other fund raising activities.

ii)                  Emergency fund: it denotes the fund collected as donation from members and other sources like fund raising programs.

f)     Fund mobilization of (e.i) shall be for the operation of regular activities of the organization.

g)     The mobilization of fund as stated in article (e.ii) shall be done by the authorities as designated by organization which shall be     reported in the meeting mandatory.

Article 8: Amendment of bylaws

a)      The general members meeting shall amend the bylaws if executive committee proposes and presents in the meeting.

b)      To amend bylaws, two third of the members shall favor the amendment.

Article 9: Stamps and Miscellaneous

i)      The official stamp of the organization shall be in round shape bearing four human symbols around and the emblems of both Nepal and Canada shall be in the center and name of the organization both in English and Nepali be inscribed within the outer circle of red and blue colors.

ii)     Baglung Sewa Samaj shall organize cultural programs and other events to integrate people from Nepal and strengthen relation in Diaspora situation.