Executive Committee

Baglung Sewa Samaj, Canada (2011) (BSSC) hereafter is one of the not for profit corporations incorporated in 2012 in the provincial government in Canada. It has been established to unite people and build up mutual relation among them living across Canada who are both from Baglung and have profound attachment to Baglung. As a not-for-profit community organization (Samaj), it involves in promoting Nepalese culture, language and heritages by coordinating and cooperating with other Nepalese community organizations in Canada. The organization aims at reaching out our helping hands to individuals and groups of people who strive for better life through empowerment. Also we aim to help people who strive for life amidst natural occurrences by acknowledging that our little effort may make a big difference in the time crisis.

Executive Committee (2018-2020)


  1. Ganesh Khatri
  2. Dr Krishna KC
  3. Keshab Sapkota
  4. Ishwar Chand Rajan
  5. Giri Budhathoki

Board of Directors

  1. Bhabi Neupane – President
  2. Yam Khatri – Vice President
  3. Ananda Argeja – Vice President
  4. Durga Adhikari – Immediate Past President
  5. Laxman Pandey – General Secretary
  6. Suresh Raj Gautam – Secretary
  7. Madhav Gautam – Treasurer
  8. Dan Bahadur Bohara – Program Coordinator
  9. Laxman Subedi – Board Member
  10. Ratna (Rajan) Khatri – Board Member
  11. Durga Poudel – Board Member
  12. Ashok Poudel – Board Member
  13. Shila Pant – Board Member
  14. Sita Sapkota – Board Member
  15. Nilkamal Shrestha – Board Member
  16. Santosh Thapa – Board Member
  17. Surendra Dhakal – Board Member
  18. Ishwor Gautam – Board Member




  1. President: Durga Adhikari
  2. Vice-President: Ishwar Chand
  3. Vice-President: Bhabi Neupane
  4. General Secretary: Hari KC
  5. Secretary: Durga Poudel
  6. Treasure: Madhav Gautam
  7. Joint Treasure: Yamu Khatri
  8. Program Coordinator: Laxman Pandey

Board of Directors

  1. Laxman Subedi
  2. Yam Khatri
  3. Bhupindra Bhandari
  4. Dan Bohora
  5. Ratna Bahadur Khatri
  6. Giri Prasad Budathoki
  7. Dilip Poudyal
  8. Ananda Argeja
  9. Pratikshya Shrestha
  10. Arjun Ghimire
  11. Dev Bohora
  12. Ravi Niure

Advisory Committee

  1. Dr. Krishna KC
  2. Ganesh Khatri
  3. Keshab Sapkota


President: Durga Adhikari

Vice-President : Giri Budathoki

Vice President: Ishwar Chand Rajan

General Secretary: Bhabi Neupane

Program Coordinator: Laxman Subedi

Secretary: Hari KC

Treasurer : Nabin Shrestha

Joint Treasurer: Madhav Gautam

Board of Directors

  1. Dipak Gautam 
  2. Rajan Khatri
  3. Bhupindra Bhandari
  4. Laxman Pandey
  5. Tula Bhattachan
  6. Ananda Shrestha
  7. Ananda Argeja
  8. Anita Shahi
  9. Bishnu Kandel Sapkota
  10. Gopal Kandel
  11. Dan Bahadur Bohara
  12. Suresh Raj Gautam
  13. Ashok Poudel


Advisory Board

Second AGM decided to amend organization’s by-laws regarding to add a provision of adding advisory board in the organization’s executive body. This provision has been adopted to invite and retain the expertise of our community members to the organization’s long run future. On the one hand this will acknowledge best brain we have had to provide us with frequent advices and on the other hand it will be big strength to drive organization with full strength, vision and enthusiasm. The members of advisory board will be distinguished personalities living in North America whose contribution is well acknowledged by all.

 Advisory Board Members

1.     Dr. Krishna KC

2.     Bishnu Niure

The first meeting of BSS held in Scarborough in February 2012 elected the given Board for two years.

Executive Committee (2012-2014)

President: Durga Adhikari

Vice-President : Giri Budathoki

General Secretary: Bhabi Neupane

Program Co-ordinator: Ishwar Rajan

Joint Secretary: Laxman Subedi

Treasurer : Nabin Shrestha

Board of DIrectors

  1. Suresh Gautam
  2. Laxmi GC
  3. Bhupindra Bhandari
  4. Durga Subedi
  5. Tula Bhattachan
  6. Ananda Shrestha
  7. Ananda Argeja
  8. Biru Basnet
  9. Bishnu Kandel
  10. Sita Sapkota


Ganesh Khatri