What We Do

As a community organization, we aim at working to unite people either through sport events or any other cultural events. Basically, our objective is to help promote unity of our community members and communities here and people in home country. This can be done through occasional gathering, conducting meeting, sharing experience and ideas, and donating money or providing other assistance. Here are some of our activities:

  1. Raise funds to support disaster relief in Nepal on different times
  2. Organize social events to introduce and unite people from Baglung
  3. Provide scholarship to the students from financially impoverished family
  4. Promote Volleyball among Nepalese communities in Canada


Volleyball is one of our major uniting events. It doesn’t only help gather people from Baglung, it has been able to build fraternity among Nepalese communities in Canada. In each events of Volleyball held in Canada, members out of BSS have made invaluable contribution to get victory in several tournaments. They involve in BSS because they like our organization and value we embrace to behave each equal. Since the first NRN-Canada volleyball tournament held in Ottawa in 2011 to 2013’s NRN-Canada convention events, we were accompanied by Mr. Pandu Raj Shrestha, a brilliant sports person and Gopal Pun. It was not possible to mark our name without their consistent participation and selfless contribution. Similarly, Bishwo Sherpa who consistently encourages and helps us move ahead is another supporter out of our community. In doing so, Bhupendra Bhandari has played a crucial role to coordinate them together and build strength of the team.

Besides major events, organization calls regular practice events every weekend at Wellesley Park. Participation of interested people is overwhelming. Regardless their geographic origin, they enthusiastically take part and make event full of fun and recreation.

Since 2017, Baglung Sewa Samaj Canada (BSSC) has been organizing Nepal Canada Volleyball Tournament. This tournament is organized to celebrate Canada’s National Day “Canada Day” on or around July 1 every year. The third Nepal Canada Volleyball Tournament is going to be held on June 30, 2019 in Scarborough. Along with this tournament, Charitable Musical Night with the gracious presentation of versatile singer/musician Thanishwor Gautam will be held on July 1, 2019 in Toronto.


We are really happy to have such wonderful members in organization who are fully motivated to do volunteer work besides their everyday busy schedules when asked by other Nepalese community organization based in Toronto. Durga Adhikari, Ishwar Rajan and Giri Budhathoki including many other members are such amazing people who are tireless in contributing to the community. Other members are also equally putting their effort to make us become reliable to volunteer mobilizing and coordinating activities.

One of the exemplary volunteering works done on behalf of BSS is in Himalayan Festival in August 18 in Toronto. We were able to recruit best volunteers. They were from Indian communities and other Nepalese community as well. Many members of organization committee appreciated our deliverables on the occasions. Apart from this, we have been providing this service during NRN-Canada convention and other social events organized by our fellow community organizations.

Disaster Relief Donation

The idea of disaster relief came after Baglung Samaj won volleyball match in Ottawa as organized by NRN-Canada. This came as a thought along with prize money though it was not big enough to start donation, however there were several appealing natural occurrences. In the meantime players and management of the team Baglung made a decision to send this money to Nepal to provide assistance to the victims of landslides in 2011. This event sparked in us an idea to start an organization that would best manage everything.

Scholarship Program

Baglung Sewa Samaj Canada (BSSC) has been facilitating and managing scholarship program since 2015. The beneficiaries of this program are the children of financially challenged families and parents in various district in Nepal. A total of 25 students have already received the scholarship and numerous members of the organization are sponsoring this event.

Community Outreach

Our program started since April 2014 has been so effective to spread the words of organization. MRP form fill up facilitation program has come to be tremendously successful in helping members from Nepalese community and collecting fund. It has strengthened reputation and helped increase goodwill.  Although it is a limited time program, it has ensured overwhelming support to grow the organization.