Baglung in Canada

Introduction to Baglunge in Canada

Organization’s understanding has shown that Mr. Bishnu Prasad Sharma is the first person to land in Canada from Baglung during mid-1980s. People who landed in Canada after Mr. Sharma are Mr. Prajapati Sharma, Mr. Ganesh Khatri, Keshav Kandel and Ram Prasad Sapkota during late 1980s and early 1990s. During 1990s there came many young people like Durga Adhikari and Ishwor Chand Rajan among many others. Many of them are self-employed and some have been able to create employment opportunities to other people. However, Dr. Mahadev Sharma and Dr. Promod Dhakal are highly renowned professionals who have made big contribution to both Nepalese community and the government of Canada . There are many other professional experts serving the government of Canada holding senior positions. Although the majority of our members are living in GTA, Ontario, number of members due to their work and profession are living across Canada.The early descendants seem to have come here with a designation of Hotel and Restaurant Chef via India. Some came as professional engineers and other with their marketable expertise. There are many individuals who came as students and Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) in later days. So, organization has become colorful umbrella to keep all us under it. All have set a very good track of being involved in social activities while living here in Canada. Since then, there has been a continuous flow of Baglunge people coming to Canada. Our rough census shows that the total number of immigrants residing across Canada originating from Baglung goes over 200 families.The fast track immigrating system of Canadian government introduced in 2008 had opened up a very easily accessible window to immigrate to Canada to many young professionals. The number is increasing every day. Due to the ever growing number of people, we realized that we should have organization that unites us to build strength. So, our built strength will be translated into creating harmony among members, sharing experiences and expertise, establishing network and collection of help assistance. Emergency Fund collection is a good example of our collective strength and organized unity for social cause.The importance behind this organization is to continue our heritage and cultural practices so that our coming generation keep learning and practicing them. As a result, volleyball led by former Nepali national volleyball player Mr. Bhupindra Bhandari, now has been synonymous to Baglung Sewa Samaj. We have not only played tournament, we have outreached with our best talent and skill with other organizations to promote this event here in Canada. Because of our outreach ability, many functioning Nepalese Canadian organizations.