Vision and Mission


Poverty alleviation through education and family support.


Our mission is to unite people from Baglung living in Canada to build mutual cooperation and share our effort in educating children by providing scholarship and to relieve suffering of disaster affected people and communities.


a)    To establish mutual relation among the people who originally are from Baglung and/or who have profound attachment to Baglung and to strengthen it.

b)    To work as a not-for-profit organization.

c)    To coordinate with existing Nepalese community organizations, and Government and non-governmental organization in Canada to preserve our culture, language and to enhance social, economic and educational promotion.

d)    To provide financial assistance to them who are in need due to natural calamities by raising funds from the members in different places including Baglung district.

e)  To promote sporting and folk culture of Baglung among community members.

f)  To support children from the underprivileged families and background to pursue their education through scholarship

g) To do all things necessary to the attainment of the above objectives.