Volleyball: A signature sports activity for the community

Volleyball has become pivotal outdoor event among Nepalese immigrant community to keep  active and healthy. Baglung Sewa Samaj Canada, since its inception in 2011, it has been working to bring members of different community together as a result individuals interested to play volleyball has respectful place in the organization.

Volleyball: A Summer Physical Fitness

Every summer since 2011, BSSC has been arranging weekend volleyball practice in Wellesley Park, down town Toronto. Nepalese immigrants concentrated in Parliament and Wellesley have been enjoying this event with enthusiasm. On the one hand it has help build healthy community through physical exercise on the other it has contributed in building mutual respect and network among members of Nepalese origin.

The sport team led by ex-national volleyball player Bhupindra Bhandari, is one of our major uniting events. It doesn’t only help gather people from Baglung, it has been able to build fraternity among Nepalese communities in Canada. In each Volleyball event  held in Canada, members out of BSS have made invaluable contribution to mark the victory in several tournaments. They involve in BSS because they like our organization and value we embrace to behave each equal. Since the first NRN-Canada volleyball tournament held in Ottawa in 2011 to 2013’s NRN-Canada convention events, we were accompanied by Mr. Panndu Raj Shrestha, a brilliant sports person and Gopal Pun. It was not possible to mark our name without their consistent participation and selfless contribution. Similarly, Bishwo Sherpa who consistently encourages and helps us move ahead is another supporter out of our community. In doing so, Bhupendra Bhnadari has played a crucial role to getting them together and building strength.

Besides major events, organization calls regular practice events every weekend at Wellesley Park. Participation of interested people is overwhelming. Regardless their geographic origin, they enthusiastically take part and make event full of fun and recreation.

First Nepal Canada Volleyball Tournament first prize bagged by Mount Everest Volleyball Club, Buffalo, NYSince 2018 summer we have been arranging and managing Sunday volleyball practice in Scarborough location. Practicing outdoor volleyball exposed safety threats. That’s why we decided to continue practice by renting indoor court so that risk of injury minimizes and it encourages young players to participate regularly. As a result, we have received enthusiastic participation from youths. Gathering once a week doesn’t only enable them (us) to play, it inspires every one of us to involve in a team. Laxman Pandey, General Secretary, has been coordinating to arrange weekly volleyball practice.

Team Red and Blue: Baglung Sewa Samaj Canada

We hired Volleyball Coach David to coach our youngsters.