Earthquake Relief

Project: School Rebuilding

Location: Duipipal-7, Mahadev Kharka, Nuwakot

School: Gaulingeshwor Mahadev Secondary School

Number of students: Approximately 400

Number of buildings collapsed 3

11 classrooms are built and handed over to school management committee

Budget: NRS 3 hundred thousands

Project lead and coordination: Durga Adhikari in coordination with Mega Adventures Pvt. Ltd.

Pictures before rebuilding project commences. Pictures taken by Durga Adhikari

Two weeks after Baglung Sewa Samaj, Canada involved in helping schools in coordination with the volunteers from Mega Adventures Pvt. Ltd and volunteers from the village, the school with 11 rooms came to be operational. Along with classrooms, Baglung Sewa Samaj Canada handed school teaching materials such as 11 white boards, board markers, marker ink that suffice for six months. In addition to this, organization managed drinking water along with 2 rooms toilet in school vicinity. The given pictures illustrate the scenario how it is after the school was handed over to the school management committee.