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Baglung Sewa Samaj


Tel:+1- 416-879-3625

Tel: 647-909-8350
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we ?

Baglung Sewa Samaj, Canada (2011) (BSSC) hereafter is one of the not for profit corporations incorporated in 2012 in the provincial government in Canada. It has been established to unite people and build up mutual relation among them living across Canada who are both from Baglung and have profound attachment to Baglung. As a not-for-profit community organization (Samaj), it involves in promoting Nepalese culture, language and heritages by coordinating and cooperating with other Nepalese community organizations in Canada. The organization aims at reaching out our helping hands to individuals and groups of people who strive for better life through empowerment. Also we aim to help people who strive for life amidst natural occurrences by acknowledging that our little effort may make a big difference in the time crisis.

What we do ?

As a community organization, we aim at working to unite people either through sport events or any other cultural events. Basically, our objective is to help promote unity of our community members and communities here and people in home country. This can be done through occasional gathering, conducting meeting, sharing experience and ideas, and donating money or providing other assistance. Here are some of our activities:

  1.         Raise funds to support disaster relief in Nepal on different times
  2.         Organize social events to introduce and unite people from Baglung
  3.         Provide scholarship to the students from financially impoverished family
  4.         Promote Volleyball among Nepalese communities in Canada

Who funds this Organization ?

The members of the organization are the fundamental source of funding. Money received as prize during various volleyball championship, membership fees, fund raising campaigns other different sources of funds for the organization.